Entrepreneurship, innovation and dedication. These are the pillars that sustain Baxton in his trajectory.
With the technological and productive experience of the engineering polymer injection industry, and for the most diverse fields and applications of the National Industry, Baxton, a manufacturer of lighting products was founded in 2004.
Following a worldwide trend in the use of innovative raw materials and manufacturing of differentiated products, Baxton constantly invests in new technologies.
The use of these materials, plus all the applied technology, give rise to products that are more resistant to impacts, and more resistant to infiltrations of liquids and solids. Products with different ratings, IP43, IP44, IP55 and IP65 can be found throughout the product line.
The company is ISO9001 certified and the whole manufacturing process is subject to a strict quality system implemented by the standard.
Another difference is the Desgin and finish of the products, which, together with beauty and sophistication, meet the most diverse architectural projects.
The lighting quality is efficient, and is another outstanding differential of the products, adding value to the most diverse styles of decoration and use.
And all this of course, to serve you our customer and final consumer, with great quality, efficiency and always respecting the environment.

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